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Provider Clinical Best Practices in Urgent Care

Course 1: Medical Decision Making: Coding & Documentation

INSTRUCTOR: Danté Richardson, MD

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Learn how to improve documentation and coding in the new paradigm of Medical Decision Making. Most providers have experienced a significant drop in coding levels, reimbursement, and a significant increase in utilization of the coding team. This results in increased denials and delayed reimbursement. This course is taught from the provider’s perspective in the context of Urgent Care. Providers will be equipped with a structured approach to simplify coding and documentation.


Provider Clinical Best Practices in Urgent Care is a 2-part training curriculum led by Dr. Dante Richardson, Chief Medical Officer of IntelliVisit Solutions. The 2 courses in this program are suited for both new providers and seasoned providers looking to sharpen their skills in urgent care. Providers who complete the Urgent Care Provider Best Practices course series will: (1) develop skills in coding and documentation and (2) build a structured approach to the treatment and diagnosis of the most common chief complaints in urgent care.

How it works

The Provider Clinical Best Practices in Urgent Care is available either in person, with the instructor traveling to your organization, or as a virtual webinar series. Please click the link below to inquire about scheduling and rates.

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