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Primary Care in an On-Demand World: Is the Primary Care Physician Making a Comeback?

Care DeliveryExperience Innovation

While researching this article, I came across the following quotes: one from a doctor and one from a patient: From the doctor: “The inability to control the way we practice medicine and deliver care to patients is the reason that physicians are leaving medicine in record numbers. I can tell you that on an ordinary working day, if I didn’t have a single patient to see, I would still be busy for eight or nine hours doing nothing but paperwork and phone calls that are directly related to managed-care issues.”

The Window May Be Closing: 2018 Mid-Year Review

Finance & Operations

Every year we gather input from multiple sources for our mid-year review of the on-demand medicine space: retail clinic openings and closings; urgent care openings and closings; indications from payers as our clients work on contract renewals; reports and speeches from sources we trust on urgent care deal activity; and the many articles that cover high-level topics such as the move from fee-for-service medicine to value-based care.

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