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The Future of Urgent Care

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Those of us in the on-demand medicine space all face a daunting challenge. Our industry attracts a mass market of consumers who have much higher expectations from their experience, the same expectations they have of retailers like Starbucks, Amazon or Target. We also face a crowded market of large and small players and much greater saturation, especially in urban and suburban markets.

Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Front Door

AI Decision Support

One of the more popular columns in The New York Times Magazine is “Diagnosis” – adapted as a docuseries in 2019 on Netflix – where Lisa Sanders, M.D., describes patients who present with troubling symptoms and no clear diagnosis. These articles describe cases where it takes a while for doctors to figure out what’s going on, and sometimes the answers come from the unlikeliest of sources.

The Rapid Emergence of Digital First Healthcare

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Bricks-and-mortar is not going away. Consumers expect a new and different experience as well as thoughtful integration of virtual and in-person access to services. This ideology extends to all aspects of the US retail and healthcare industries. Understanding the keys to successful integration of virtual and in-person services is what will drive the long-term relevance and survivability of health systems everywhere.

Fallout from COVID-19

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For the past several months, the urgent care industry has been abuzz with articles and commentary about how COVID-19 has reshaped visit volume and chief complaint mix across the country. Operators have watched COVID-19 testing nearly subsume their visit volume with barely a hint of traditional cold and flu visits that typically boom this time of year. There has also been a lot of talk about the influence of technology, particularly virtual technology, on traditional urgent care models.

Urgent Care Quality Group

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The Urgent Care Quality Group (UCQG) is a group of urgent care chief medical officers and practice executives who have joined together to foster peer-to-peer dialogue that identifies the key issues of quality and patient safety in our industry and paves the way to actionable, meaningful improvements.

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