Time Saved is Family Loved

By August 5, 2016Spotlight

Lorenzo Spotlight SeriesIntellivisit integrates health care into the everyday rhythms of life so that getting sick doesn’t stop people from getting things done. Productive people use Intellivisit when illness arises to keep their day on track while saving time and money. Our Spotlight Series features the faces and stories of people using smart technology to be happier, healthier, and more productive!

Meet Lorenzo, an adventurous family man keen on making the most out of life and loving his family with every ounce of his energy! “I love spending time outdoors with my family. Holly and I have two daughters, ages 3 and 6. Canoeing, softball/teeball, biking and hiking are regular activities in our household. Living in La Crosse allows us to enjoy these perks without having to travel! Indoor hobbies of mine include playing guitar and collecting vinyl records.”

Why did you decide to use Intellivisit?
It was late in the afternoon and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to be seen in-person, so I gave it a shot.

Where were you and what were you doing when you started your virtual visit?
I was at work, sitting at my desk. I’d been coughing for about a month and had been in to see the Nurse Practitioner three weeks prior. I felt dizzy and was sweating, so I put some faith into our new Intellivisit option. It was easy to use and allowed me to get same-day assistance, which would not have happened without the Intellivisit service!

If you didn’t have Intellivisit, what would you have done instead?
Gone home and would have gone to an Express Care location or waited until the next day to be seen at our corporate clinic.

How did Intellivisit help you be more productive?
It allowed me to stay at work at little while longer (I’m not sure if I should be honest about working while ill :)…but there it is.) I was able to pick up meds on my way home.

What did you do with the time and/or money that you saved by using Intellivisit?
The time saved allowed me not to fall behind at work. The money was used for a date night!!