Mom Taxi Keeps the Meter Running

By July 29, 2016Spotlight

Angie Spotlight SeriesIntellivisit integrates health care into the everyday rhythms of life so that getting sick doesn’t stop people from getting things done. Productive people use Intellivisit when illness arises to keep their day on track while saving time and money. Our Spotlight Series features the faces and stories of people using smart technology to be happier, healthier, and more productive!

Meet Angela, a Provider Network Management Contract Specialist from Wisconsin. Angela is a veteran, wife and mother to two teenagers. She enjoys life to the fullest outside of her busy schedule of “mom taxi” and volunteering. Discover how Angela was able to keep her meter running and stay productive!

Why did you decide to use Intellivisit?
I am a telecommuter and sometimes getting to the in-office clinic is very difficult to manage my schedule around. My visit was mainly a question to my Doctor so I knew it would be easily handled through a virtual visit.

Where were you and what were you doing when you started your virtual visit?
I was in the comfort of my home in between two meetings.

If you didn’t have Intellivisit, what would you have done instead?
I would have likely spent time searching the Internet for an answer in my free time. If nothing were found I would have had to book out an appointment and arrange my schedule to be in-office.

Did Intellivisit help you be more productive?
Yes! Most definitely. I was able to quickly submit my concern and simply await response. I value my productivity and work time as well as my personal time. Being able to simply go through Intellivisit on a break allowed me to keep productivity without affecting my work.

What did you do with the time and/or money that you saved by using Intellivisit?
I was able to save productivity time, not lose an hour or more of work or personal time. I am very busy on both sides of my life and taking time out for a simple visit sometimes just isn’t worth the loss in time. Had the doctor found a concern, I could have missed out on an urgent diagnosis as I may have put off a visit to when time became more flexible.