About Intellivisit

What exactly is Intellivisit?

Intellivisit is like a doctor’s visit without ever actually having to go to the doctor. It’s a way for you to get better when you’re not feeling well without ever having to speak to a doctor by phone, video, or in person. You answer some questions about how you’re feeling through the app, submit that information to a clinician, and a nurse or doctor will review your symptoms and message you back with a treatment plan and prescription, if necessary.

How much does it cost?

The app is free to download. (It’s also free to start an Intellivisit, so give it a try. It’s pretty cool.) Prices will vary depending on where you live, but expect to pay between $30 and $45. You’ll know exactly what it will cost before submitting a visit. The best part is, you only pay if you can be treated virtually. There is no charge if your nurse or doctor cannot treat you.

Is Intellivisit covered by insurance?

The service is not covered by insurance at this time. We’re working on that. But, most people find that it is still cheaper to do an Intellivisit from their phone or computer than to drive to a doctor’s office and pay their co-pay.

Sounds awesome! How is this legal?

Our app by itself does not actually generate medical advice. Instead, we facilitate a convenient exchange of information between you and a team of local nurses and doctors. Our smart symptom checker asks you questions and a real licensed medical professional selects a diagnosis and treatment plan for you based on the information you provide. Any treatment plan and prescription is delivered under the practicing license of the nurse or doctor who reviews your Intellivisit. Welcome to the future!

Is it safe to use?

Absolutely! Since each Intellivisit you submit is reviewed by a licensed medical professional (nurse or doctor), you are receiving expert medical advice just like you would if you were to see someone in person. All we’ve done is made the experience more convenient. Also, Intellivisit is fully HIPAA compliant, which means your information is safe and secure.

Who can use Intellivisit?

Intellivisit is currently available by invitation only, unless you live in the state of Illinois. If you’re not from Illinois and you don’t have an invitation, please send us a message and we will work on bringing Intellivisit to wherever you live!

Setting Up Your Account

How do I sign up?

Register today by downloading Intellivisit on your Apple or Android device, or from a desktop computer at go.intellivisit.com. It’s a simple two step process to create an account, and you’ll be able to login right away!

How do I get started?

You will be asked to choose a team of nurses and doctors the first time you login. You will be presented with one or more options based on availability in your state. The group you select will be responsible for your care delivered through Intellivisit. Once you select a provider network you are ready to submit your first visit!

What does it mean to be sponsored?

Some people have been exclusively invited to Intellivisit by their employer or local health system. Known as sponsored users, these individuals already have their information pre-registered with Intellivisit and may receive special pricing and service benefits not available to the general public.

What does 'No Providers Available' mean?

If you receive a message that says no providers are available, that means we don’t have a local team of nurses and doctors to serve you at this time. However, we are always adding more teams to our platform and we can notify you when the service becomes available where you live.

If you have been told you are a sponsored user but receive this message, please call customer support at 855-271-2227. We will make sure you get assigned to the right team so that you can start using Intellivisit right away.

Using Intellivisit

What are your hours?

You can submit an Intellivisit anytime! Our service is asynchronous, which means it works kind of like texting. You can submit a visit whenever, wherever, without having to wait for someone else to be connected on the other end. Your team of nurses or doctors will be notified when you submit your visit and respond to it as they are available. Cheers to no waiting rooms!

How do I start a new visit?

Login to Intellivisit to create a new visit. You’ll be asked to confirm some basic information just like you would at the doctor’s office. Next, tell us what is bothering you the most by searching for common symptoms. Our smart symptom checker will then ask you more questions about those symptoms until it has gathered enough information to share with your team of nurses or doctors. You can also add photos and a preferred pharmacy before submitting.

What happens after I submit a visit?

After you submit a visit, your team of nurses or doctors will be notified and asked to login to review your information. They will prepare a treatment plan for you, including a prescription if necessary, and send that information back to you when finished. You can review your treatment plan right from your mobile device once it arrives. And, you can always check the status of your visit by logging in and viewing it on your homepage. It’s like a pizza delivery tracker, except for health care.

How long does it take?

It will take approximately 10 minutes to finish your first visit. The next time will only take about 6 minutes. Subsequent visits are faster because you won’t need to enter things like your preferred pharmacy after you do it for the first time. You will normally receive a treatment plan within 30 minutes during normal business hours.

Estimates based on average time to complete a visit for all Intellivisit users. Response times not guaranteed and may vary based on where you live, what symptoms you have, and what time of day you submit your visit.