Intellivisit integrates health care into the everyday rhythms of life.

We envision a world where people are the happiest, healthiest, and most productive version of themselves; where health care is not a disruption to their lives but rather an asset to achieving their personal goals.

We Are Building

Health care’s operating system of the future.

A smart system that enhances the patient-provider relationship.

We design more meaningful experiences that reduce the friction between patients and providers.

Intelligently connecting people to the right care at the right time.

We use artificial intelligence powered workflows to integrate health care into the everyday rhythms of life.

Delivering measurable access, cost, and quality improvements.

Our operating system and business model are designed to meet the evolving needs of health systems, employers, and payers.

Our Business Is

Making happy, healthy, productive people.

Meet Lorenzo

When Lorenzo wasn’t feeling well, he used his employer-sponsored access to Intellivisit to check his symptoms and get care on-demand. Instead of missing work to seek care in a more expensive urgent care setting, he saved himself and his employer time and money with a quick virtual doctor visit. What did Lorenzo do with the time and money he saved? He took his wife out for a date night. More date nights is why we exist.

We Are Mastering

The art and science of medicine.

Our Approach

Intellivisit is a software company that combines smart systems to assist patients and providers with the technical and cognitive work of medicine. Our platform positions man and machine to work in tandem to deliver exceptional health care encounters, bringing to the masses emerging capabilities of modern science while maximizing the skill of human caretakers.

We Serve

Providers, Payers, and Employers.


Defend and grow your business by expanding primary care access that meets modern consumer expectations, while equipping providers with a solution to improve productivity, satisfaction, and top of license practice.


Reduce medical spend and improve navigation through your portfolio of services with a virtual front door that can intelligently triage, treat, and route to the most appropriate care setting.


Reduce medical spend and absenteeism, increase productivity, and delight employees with a virtual clinic that fits into the everyday rhythms of work and life.

With Intellivisit

The future is already here.

Our Company

Founded in 2014, backed by $2.5 million in funding, and live in the market since summer of 2015, we are already saving people time and money in multiple markets across the country. Our staff features over 100 years of combined health care experience and we put that expertise to work every day to advance our mission to integrate health care into the everyday rhythms of life.