Health care that makes sure your day belongs to you.

Getting sick can mess with your day. Intellivisit is a smarter way to connect with a doctor so that you can keep living life on your schedule. Discover how Intellivisit’s on-demand smart care is saving people stress, time, and money!

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Smart + Simple

Our smart system assesses your symptoms and then routes that information to a health care provider for review and treatment so you don’t actually have to see or talk to a doctor. Visits take less than 10 minutes and clinicians typically respond within an hour.

See It In Action!

Safe + Secure

We pair an artificial intelligence system with licensed medical professionals to bring you the highest quality medicine that science has to offer. Doctors and nurses deliver highly accurate diagnoses while our HIPAA complaint technology keeps your personal information secure.

Totally Worth It

Join the thousands of people already using Intellivisit to make sure getting sick doesn’t stop them from getting things done. Setting up an account is free and easy. Whether you are sick today or just curious, joining Intellivisit is a healthy decision. A visit will never cost more than $45 and if we can’t treat you virtually your visit is free!

Why hasn’t it always been this easy?

What People Are Saying

Working on a small team, it was difficult to find time to leave the office for an appointment. Utilizing Intellivisit offered me the option to keep working and not have to use PTO, or put my work off another day.


I was able to quickly submit my concern and simply await response. I value my productivity and work time as well as my personal time. Being able to simply go through Intellivisit on a break allowed me to keep productivity without affecting my work.


It was easy to use and allowed me to get same-day assistance, which would not have happened without the Intellivisit service! The time saved allowed me not to fall behind at work, and the money saved was used for a date night!!


How to Get Started

Download the App

Get Intellivisit for iOS or Android. If you can’t use apps, that’s OK! You can always use Intellivisit from a computer too.

Setup Account

Create a login and password, then choose a team of nurses and doctors to review your virtual visits (in states where available).